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Don't be fooled by these pictures guys. They were taken last week.

Houston is currently DROWNING

Schools are closed. 

 Roads are closed. 

Airports are closed - meaning my flight to CO today was cancelled. =(

 And look at this guy.

Now that's a case of the Mondays.

I'm bummed about my flight but - perspective, people. 

So yeah, I'll deal with cancelled flight.

How are we feeling about my jumpsuit?
It's c/o Tobi as were this dress and these cut-offs. 
If you're just hearing of Tobi for the first time now, rude, clearly you haven't been
reading my blog.  But better late than never because the entire site is 50% off
today with code SPLASH50 so go on and get yours. 

Just a little side skin to keep things interesting.

Thanks  Lauren Beatty Photography for the pics!

And thanks Tobi for the jumpsuit! Check out their Rompers and Midi Dresses too guys - lots of good stuff here!

My fellow Houstonians - stay safe today and hopefully you're more prepared for this monsoon, food wise, than Mace and I. There's a lot of peanut butter in our future.
Is there an over/under on what time we think Pizza Hut might re-open?

Everyone else, keep it real. 

P.S. If you haven't bought my new children's book yet and want to feel free to do so here.

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