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I took the show on the road last week when I did a book signing at Building Blocks Toy Store in my former home of Chicago. Incase you couldn't come, didn't want to, or are bored at work, here are some pics from the event.

What I learned from the dancing portion of the programming is that I need to drink before my next signing. Houston - you've been warned! (I'm announcing a Houston signing soon! Stay tuned!)

Left: Thanks to my friend Carol who's been helping me with math since 2001. She was integral to my ability to graduate college and on Sunday did all the payment wheeling and dealing. 

Right: Lil sweetie.
A picture of me taking a picture.

Here's my family that was in attendance though I think the most noticeable presence in this photo is my boobs. Jesus.  I forgot my strapless bra in Houston and was wearing my sister's. (The girl holding a dinosaur.) It made my "G" event a bit more PG but whatever. It was a hip hop event people - a little T & A is to be expected, no?

Thank you to all of my friends, family, and "new friends" I met that day that came out!

*Photography by Chicago based photographer, Beth Weiler


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