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Jungalow Room Makeover w/ LaurInteriors

So here's the sitch. I had a room in my house that looked like this.

Coming soon to Architectural Digest.

Most people in my apartment complex use it as a dining room. But here's something neat about me - I eat 100% of my meals on my couch. 

I wanted to do something creative with the space and thought having a meditation room would encourage me to meditate more. I went to Home Depot, got a few paint samples, and wallah - I was completely overwhelmed.

Enter Lauren of LaurInteriors in Milwaukee,Wisconsin. 

Connected through an internet friend (thanks Katelyn) Lauren and I began working together remotely. I told Lauren a bit about what I was going for in terms of a zen room with lots of plants and she was like, "you mean like a jungalow?" and I was like, "I don't know. WTF is a jungalow?"

After a quick google search, I learned that a jungalow is  a super rad lifestyle blog and something the urban dictionary defines as a treehouse. My definition of a jungalow goes more like this - "a room with a shitload of plants." 

Either way, I loved Lauren's vision and it was full speed ahead.
inspiration board by LaurInteriors

Here’s something else about me. I’m not rich. It's as tragic as it sounds.

Prior to working with Lauren, I would have assumed I couldn't afford an interior designer, let alone their taste. But Lauren's tagline is, “Real people, in real spaces, on a real budget." And she proved it by sending me a final mock-up with links to everything I'd need to buy accordingly.

So without further ado!


Pretending to read, as one does.

Two of my favorite parts of the room; the wall hanging that Lauren made and my record player.

Lauren also made this pom pom curtains!! What?! This chic is a machine!!

***I'd like to interrupt this blog post to tell you how I got the couch into my jungalow****

Another big player in this whole jungalow makeover was a company/app called Pick Up. I'd like you to think of them as Uber for when you have to move. 

So here's the deal. I found this couch at Fleastyle, wanted it, but had no way to get it home in my small car. 

Don't worry guys - Pick Up to the rescue! 

I simply downloaded their app and botta bing, botta boom - movers quickly arrived to follow me home. (Me in my car. Them in their pick-up truck with the couch). Genius, no? The whole thing only cost me $65 and the majority of Pick Up employees are ex-military or off duty fireman. Hubba Hubba!  (Currently Pick Up is only in Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Houston but expanding soon.)

This pic makes me sad as the blue plant has since been killed by it's owner and is no longer with us, may it rest in peace.

*Thanks so much to LaurInteriors for making all my jungalow dreams come true! 

I have to go mediate now. 

Photography // Rocio Carlon


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