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 I often get questions about my blog. Hopefully this will clear some things up.

What is the point of your blog?
Well, the ultimate point is to become a celebrity blogger. (Not to blog about celebrities, but to become a celebrity, myself, because of my blogging.) Huge difference.

Wow! So are you becoming a celebrity?
Totally! I was just recognized by a Starbucks barista last week! Turned out she recognized me not for my blog but because it was my 2nd time there that day. But it's basically the same thing.

Will you guest blog on my blog?
Most likely. Email me.

Do you work on your blog full time?
No. I have a handful of companies in which I freelance for by managing their social media, designing their site or blog, writing copy, etc. Keeping Macy alive and watching The View everyday prove to be time consuming as well.

Whose blog do you read everyday?
Check out my blogroll


What stage of ovarian cancer did you Have? Barium totally blows!
Stage 3. And yes,  barium is super gross.

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