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What's In My Bag?

I like tabloids. I suppose you could say it’s a guilty pleasure of mine. Except I don’t feel guilty about it. US Weekly is my favorite though they’re one “Teen Mom” cover story away from losing that title.  In Touch is fine. OK! has the most Kardashian stories which I like. And you have to give Star Magazine props for not even trying to make their stories true. They have journalistic balls. (And probably a super awesome attorney.)

One of my favorite sections in US Weekly is titled “What’s In My Bag”. This is where a celebrity reveals the contents of their purse, stating the personal connection to the product in which they obviously have an endorsement deal with. The reasons are always pretty lame. Like, “I buy Strident… because I like gum…and I love to chew!” But I love it anyway.

While flipping through US this weekend, I peered over at my own bag and the wheels starting turning. I thought it’d be entertaining to “pour out” the contents of my own purse and see how I compare to the starlets of Hollywood.
I’ll warm you up with Kate Walsh but then, watch out, because it’s my turn!!!!

Aspiring socialite, Megan Silianoff, 29,
pours out her purse for US.

4 Jolly Rancher wrappers/3 actual Jolly Ranchers
I love these! I buy the passion fruit flavors. Sometimes if I’m feeling wild I drop them in my Zima. It tastes so good!

Now that I reside in Texas, I wear sunglasses more often. These are brandless.  When looking for the brand to share with you, the only text I found was “100% UV PROTECTION CHINA” and “En fait China”. So it's clearly a Chinese designer. Possibly Vera Wang? Jimmy Choo? I’m not sure.

Purse Hanger Thingy
This was a Christmas present from my husband.  It’s one of those devices that prevent your purse from lying on the ground. It was this particular gift that got me believing in the notion that “it’s the thought that counts”.

Sugar Free Red Bull
I slam 2 sugar free red bulls whenever I have to do something daunting at work. The world is my oyster after doing so. Spreadsheets? I dominate!!!! Expense reports? I fucking rule!!!!! Typing? I do about 90 words per minute!!!!! Exclamation points? Absolutely!!!

Pill Organizer
My New Year’s Resolution was to start taking vitamins. I accidentally missed a few days consecutively. In attempt to “catch up” I took triples of everything I’d missed; calcium, fish oil, vitamin C, etc. Danny convinced me to not call 911 upon feeling the effects of this poor decision. He also bought me this pill organizer the next day!

Lotion, Walgreens Brand
Lotion, I suppose, is pretty self explanatory. I apply daily as needed. I like the Walgreens brand because it’s economically sound. Target brand is good too!

I buy Strident… because I like gum…and I love to chew!

The contents of my purse!



  1. Is that Tide stick in case Johnson is with you and has another "accident"

  2. What a neat idea for a post. Fun to read.


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