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The Parking Garage

Found it!

Big day at my new job yesterday. Huge! Not only did I get my business cards but I
got a parking pass to the employee garage. I was stoked. I was stoked until I left
work and couldn't remember where I parked.

Eight floors of parked cars and my Ford Escape was nowhere to be found. After 20 minutes of looking I started to panic (and cry). Did I mention I really had to pee....and was hungry? When I didn't know what else to do I called Danny to come pick me up. He had the gall to tell me
"no" when I explained to him the situation. I don't care that he was "still in a
meeting" or "thought I could find it if I looked a little longer". I just wanted to
go home....god damnit!

I toured the garage for what seemed like another hour. I cursed myself for bringing
my spare keys- the ones that didn't have the panic button key chain. I said I
"wasn't crying but had something in my contact" when I passed by a group of
colleagues en route to their respective vehicles. I made the decision to "quit this
fucking job" though it didn't impact my immediate dilemma.

ALAS!!! I stumbled upon my car. Tomorrow I'll make note of where I park.

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