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Megan, A Printing Champion

I have a printer! I can print! My lack of personal printer never posed a problem in the past. I’d simply print whatever document I needed at work. But ever since I quit my job, my ex-colleagues give me dirty looks when I show up to use the copy room.
But Danny fixed my printer! He apparently reached his breaking point of hysterical phone calls from me en route to Kinkos. Though the document needing printing was always different, the situation was always the same. I was in a hurry. I was lost. And I was sobbing.  Sometimes, when I was being really melodramatic, I’d say things like, “Fuck it! I just won’t bring a resume to the interview.”  Or “Fuck it! We just won't file taxes this year.”
But that’s all in the past because now I have a working printer!! So far I’ve printed out the following things;
1.       Pictures of my dog
2.       Pictures of fashion models for future “outfit inspiration”
3.       Words from that I want to learn. (Or should I say have a “hankering” to learn!)
4.       More pictures of my dog
5.       A map of all the sexual offenders living within a seven mile radius of our house.
See how vital it was that I gained this capability??? You can never have too many pictures of your dog.  
See! Isn't he cute? I'm going to print this....

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