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Our DirectTV installer guy saw me naked……His name was Arthur. He was a soft spoken, little Asian man and he saw me garmentless... (Unless the towel in my hand counts as a garment? In which case he saw me naked…and holding a towel.)
I suppose I could go into the details….
I could tell you how this happened. (He was in my closet when I came out of the shower.)
I could recount how it made me feel. (Bad.)
I could explain to you why he was in my closet. (Actually... I can't. I still have no idea what my closet could possibly have to do with the installment of cable.)
I could even share with you what I would have done had I known about the surprise peep show. (Spray tan and lots of sit-ups.  And then more spray tan.)
I could definitely tell you who I blame for this situation. (My husband! Obviously, my husband! You think it was my idea to get DirectTV? I don’t even know what DirectTV is.)
But, honestly, I don’t want to get into the details…
Besides, I’ve since discovered that with DirectTV you can rent movies that are still in theatres!! How cool is that? I would have got naked, willingly, for that perk. So we're good here....all good.
 I always watch TV in heels. Always.

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