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A verbatim conversation between me and my wise husband;

Danny: So, did you hear that Elizabeth Taylor died today?

Me: Yeah.  I was gonna post the scene from Sex in The City 2 on my Facebook page.

Danny:  Why?!? (confused)

Me: You know, just as like, a tribute.

Danny: To Elizabeth Taylor? 

Me: Yeah.

Danny: But that scene you like was with Liza Minelli.

Me: Really???? (Contemplative and Surprised.....but it was all starting to make sense.)

Danny: Yeah.

Me: Huh…..(extremely pensive) ….Well I probably won’t then.

Danny: Yeah, I wouldn’t.

So Elizabeth Taylor, RIP Sister. I can’t say I’ll miss you, as I thought you were Liza Minelli this whole time.
And Liza, now that I know your name is Liza, put a ring on it girl!

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