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Iconic Houston Restaurants

Brennan's Restaurant in Houston, Texas
My parents are coming tomorrow! I've diligently planned the week with things for us to do. I also thought this would be the perfect occasion to go to Brennan's, a restaurant I've been wanting to try.

From what I gather, Brennan's is pretty upscale place with "creole" cuisine. I don't know what "creole" is but i think it means shrimp and Bloody Marys. Apparently Brennan's has been featured on The Food Network and won some prestigious dining awards. I've also learned that the restaurant burned down during Hurricane Ike! So I learned two things really. One, there was another Hurricane besides Katrina. Two, It was pretty bad. I don't blame myself for this oversight, but rather Midwestern news coverage and perhaps Kayne West.

Though Brennan's has been on my radar since we moved to Houston, I haven't been in a huge rush to get there. That changed yesterday when someone told me Terms of Endearment was filmed there!!! I've never seen Terms of Endearment, but I like going to things that were in movies - I feel like they're more legit.
In order to fully prepare for our Saturday reservation, I stopped in Blockbuster and picked up the movie. I showed Danny when I got home to which he responded, "Oh God! Don't watch that."

My mom also gave a firm precautionary warning...."I don't know how you're going to react to that." she said.

Thirty minutes in to the movie, I picked up on the melancholy undertones.....An hour in,  there were some tears...At exactly the two hour mark,  I picked up the phone and cancelled our reservation.

Saturday night, we are now dining at an equally established and popular restaurant in Texas called Chili's.


  1. You will be SO happy to have eaten at Brennan's.
    The Brennans are a restaurant family from NOLA and they own more than Commander's Palace. Check this link out (it'll make good dinnertime conversation):

    And your idea of "creole cuisine" will change dramatically once you've had a taste of it. Kudos for choosing a fantastic restaurant. Here's a link to their menu:

    Bon apetit!

  2. Wait, I just read you cancelled reservations because of a movie? I'm so sorry.

  3. Make the reservations & ambien the movie!
    There's a "Breakfast at Brennan's" cookbook (Brennan's is in NOLA) & we know how Danny loves to cook.


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