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A Royal Wedding....Rip-Off

All this excitement and buzz over the imminent Royal nuptials has me reminiscing about on my own wedding. I can't help but notice a plethora of similarities between my ceremony and this alleged "wedding of the century". See for yourself. 

Many are speculating that Kate Middleton will be wearing a dress by Donna Karan. I, too, went with an American designer. My dress is by a prestigious design house called "White House Black Market."

Dress: White House Black Market   Shoes: DSW   Flowers: Whole Foods

I'm sure the royal wedding will be bursting with a multitude of A-listers; Elton John, The Osbournes, Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan, Amy Winehouse (actually, probably not Amy Winehouse.) Though much more intimate, our wedding also had an array of celebs.

My mom, best known for being the ex-girlfriend of Hollywood superstar, Gary Sinese, was obviously in attendance. Linda and the Forest Gump star split amicably 40 years ago while both students of Highland Park Elementary School.

Ex-girlfriend of Gary Sinese, Linda Halpin

My brother, Ryan Halpin, was also in attendance. Ryan was an integral member of the prestigious 2001 Franklin High School Prom Court.

Prom Legend and Royalty, Ryan Halpin

I wonder what Kate and William's first song will be? Our first song, was also our last song....and middle song.....We only had one song! We made it count, however, by picking a timeless number and artist. "Irreplaceable" by Beyonce. The lyrics, "I could have another you in a minute" make it an nontraditional choice for weddings...but it was our fave song at the time (wasn't it everyone's?) so we decided to go with it. 
Love you Bey!
(picture credit here)

"Waitey Katey" is what the British Media dubbed Kate Middleton due to the 8 year courtship to her Prince. My magic number was also 8! Though for me, it was 8 months, as opposed years. But "8", nevertheless!

Prince William and "Waity Katey"

The Royal couple will visit a number of remote places and countries during their honeymoon. A honeymoon spent "round the world" you could say. Likewise, our honeymoon involved traveling round the world.....Sea World.  Upon leaving Austin and heading to Texas wine country, we stopped and spent the day at San Antonio's SeaWorld...because what's more romantic than Shamoo?


The Original Royal Couple.
 Despite the overt mimicking of our wedding, I'm not upset. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, is it not?  So an official "Best Wishes" to Prince William and Kate from Yours Truly.


  1. Oh the similarities are glaringly obvious : ) I really enjoyed your post...very cute....

    I had to laugh at your song made me think back to the song I wanted to use for our wedding - I Hate You Then I Love You by Celine Dion & Pavarotti...we decided against it because we were concerned that the parental units wouldn't get the cuteness or the humour of the't thought about that in a while.

  2. Lovely post...Made me remember my own wedding and the wonderful day that it was.I enjoyed reading this.


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