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My Taste in Music

It’s possible I have terrible taste in music. I’ve always said it was an “eclectic” taste. However, upon reviewing my upcoming concert schedule for the summer, I’m willing to consider it’s less “eclectic” and more “awful.” You be the judge.

Puff Daddy!
Puff Daddy (May 12th at Warehouse Live)
I bought tickets to go see Puff Daddy! (Diddy now, but whatever!) I’m so excited!! It’s especially cool because he’s playing at a smaller venue, not a huge amphitheater. So it will be more of an intimate experience between Puff and I. What’s not cool is that after I bought the tickets, Danny informed me that he’d be out of town. (For a golf tournament – shocker!) If this scenario happened in Chicago, it’d be no problem. I’d just enlist the company of one of my friends. Unfortunately, here in Houston, I have no friends. And I’m pretty sure inviting one of the few acquaintances I do have, to a Puff Daddy show, won’t help my cause.

Josh Groban
Josh Groban  (May 14th at The Toyota Center)
I actually didn’t buy tickets to his show but I wish I would have. I asked Danny if he wanted to go and he said no. Technically, he didn’t say anything. But if looks could talk, he said something along the lines of, “No, I don’t want to go to a fucking Josh Groban concert. Fucking Josh Groban? Are you kidding me? Hell no!” Sooooooo, I think I’ll just buy his new CD and call it a day.

Ray Ray
Rhianna (July 9th at The Toyota Center)
She’s coming to Houston! She’s touring with Cee Lo. He must be a short opening act since he only has that one song…A good song, no doubt - I have it on my Ipod. (The Glee version...hence my bad taste in music.) But still, one song has got to make for a short opening act, which is fine by me when you’re opening for Rhianna!!!

a smoldering Tim McGraw
Tim McGraw (Tonight at The Rodeo)
I’m going to see Tim McGraw, TONIGHT, at The Rodeo! I’m really excited! I’ve been a Tim McGraw fan for some time…ever since I saw him in The Blindside. He was super hot. And more recently, I was a fan of his work in Country Strong playing Gwenth Paltrow’s hubbie. I only know a handful of his songs but what I know, I like. Ironically, I do know all the words to the song, Tim McGraw, by Taylor Swift. I wonder if he covers that one? I can’t imagine getting the rights would be a problem? Hmm.

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  1. I would see all of those with you - except Rihanna. Would you come with me to see Adele? Brent didn't know who she was - I was horrified at the fact he wasn't up to date on all the 21 year old angry chick rockers.


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