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Pool Party


Things are really coming together here in Texas. Yesterday, I came across the kingpin in terms of what needs to happen here to achieve total Texan euphoria. Literally a five second walk from my home, I discovered a private pool.  Even better, I discovered that said pool has a janky security system. Meaning, if I pack a very light bag, I can climb the fence. 

Let me clarify, I’m not sneaking into some random person’s pool. That would be creepy and I do have some morals. (Clearly not “tons” but I have “some”.) This pool is meant for the tenants of the high rise, The Lofts @ Herman Park. They must have 100+ tenants; surely they aren’t going to notice one more awesome chic at the pool, will they? Did I mention it has a fountain?

In the words of Charlie Sheen, “winning.”

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