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The Top 10 Things I learned at The Rodeo

Checking out the cattle

The Top 10 things I learned at the rodeo

10. It takes 3 Bud Lights to get me drunk.

9.  Cowboys use the word “daddy”. They aren’t trying to be sexual, it’s just the word they use.

8. I didn’t have to go all the way to Australia to ride a camel or see a kangaroo. I just needed to go 3 miles east.

7. You should not ride the gondola when you have a crippling fear of heights.
6. A “gelding” is a castrated male horse.

5.  Tim McGraw is really, really hot. If you tell this to your husband more than three times, he’ll get mad and say “Enough already! Jesus!”

4.  Rodeo clowns are a real thing. A very real and very sad thing.

3. My husband and I disagree on what constitutes a “good investment”. I happen to think a pair of chaps that say, “Houston Rodeo 2011” fall into this category.

2. The Papa Johns at the rodeo is superior to any other Papa Johns that I’ve eaten at. They don’t, however, deliver nor do they seem to appreciate that particular question.

1. I LOVE the rodeo!!!!!

Me and a real life cowboy.
Danny on the gondola

I'm at the rodeo ya'll!

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