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Aunt Megan

Marrying Danny made me an instant Aunt. This is a title I enjoy and strive to be the good at. Danny’s family is huge and there are a few second marriages involved, so I believe I have roughly 13, maybe 14 nieces and nephews. (Though a good aunt probably doesn’t use the word “roughly” in that sentence and knows the exact number.)
This weekend I spent a lot of time with my 4th grade niece. She and I have always got along well. I started to realize, however, after being BFF all weekend, that maybe we get along too well. Way too well….The following is a list of commonalities I discovered over the course of the 2 days;
1.       Both our ipods have an abundance of Kesha... Ke$ha.
2.       We both struggle to pay attention in church.
3.       We both find it hilarious when someone’s cell phone goes off in church. (Though in my case, I had to confirm it wasn’t mine….but then like I said, hilarious!)
4.   We both have a friend named Erica who has her ears pierced!
5.       We both do math at a 4th grade level.
6.       We both can, and did, tear it up at Old Navy.
7.       We both want to see the Disney movie “Prom” that comes out this week.
8.   We both want our Mom to buy us an Iphone.
9.       We both like Frito Pie. (I actually never had Frito Pie but I’m confident it's my favorite "hot lunch" too just from the name.)
10.       We both want to be fashion designers when we grow up.
So the good news is, my niece and I are close. The bad news is that I have the same tastes and psyche as a 4th grader….Though if this means I get to start eating Frito Pie on a regular basis, I’m fine with it.  

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  1. Dude! Frito Pie is awesome! My husband is from Florida where they have no idea what it is, so I totally won him over and convinced him to marry this Texas girl when I introduced him to Frito Pie. :)


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