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Mixology by Megan

Mixologist Extraordinaire, Megan Silianoff

In Chicago, I often drank red wine. I suppose you could say I was a “wine-o”. That’s the term used to refer to people who have a well developed pallet and are knowledgeable about wine. Though, in my case, neither of those things are true. In Chicago, I drank tons of wine – let’s leave it at that.
I continued this trend while in Houston though recently it’s just been too damn hot for wine!!  (Please note that I’m not complaining but rather bragging.) So due to this tropical climate, I’ve had to come up with a new drink. I don’t like beer and white wine is too sweet for my liking. Martinis are good but not for someone who can’t handle their alcohol. (That’s me!)
So after a few trials and errors, I think I’ve come up with my new signature drink…It’s called “Diet Coke Cherry with Rum”.  It’s delicious. It refreshing. It’s artificially flavored. 

Here is how I go about mixing Diet Coke Cherry w/ Rum.
1.       Buy Diet Coke Cherry from the grocery store.
2.       Fill a cocktail glass with ice.
3.        Pour in more rum than you meant to but decide to just "go with it."
4.       Pour in a splash of Diet Coke Cherry.
5.       Drink quickly.
6.       Rent Country Strong off your TV and get up intermittently throughout the movie to dance.
7.       Drunk Dial your husband in Denver and tell him “Country Stron is aweshome! Besh movie everrr!!”
8.       Stumble over to your computer, and download the Country Strong soundtrack off Itunes.
9.       More Rum. More Diet Coke Cherry.
10.   Dance to recently purchased Country Strong soundtrack.
11.   Wake up at 3am in the morning to turn off the music and chug water.

Again, that’s just how I do it. But there’s no real “right” way. Cheers ya’ll.
Though holding my signature drink, this pic is simply a ploy to show off the new vintage Chanel I bought over the weekend.  I plan to be buried with it.

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  1. I think your goal of becoming a renowned celebrity blogger is finally approaching. I mean the cancer is a little boring, and the tape was intriguing...BUT THIS! I would keep my phone next to and wait for Gwyneth's (yes that's really how she spells it) call! This could be the very best endorsement Country Strong has received to date!

    We should think about joining forces...we will make the food, you create the magic drinks...

    Hope all is are representing Texas beautifully...


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