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All about Tape Dispensers

My husband doesn’t tell me “no” very often. That last time I can remember him doing so is when I tried to bring a Vogue magazine to the Astros game. --- “It’s a sporting event, not the F-in beach.” (He later regretted it when I was bored and ready to leave in the 2nd inning…….Top of the 2nd inning.) 
So last night at Office Depot, I couldn’t figure out why he was giving me such a hard time about purchasing a tape dispenser.  His point was that I already had one….which is true. But know what I don’t have? A tape dispenser disguised as a high heel!! HA! It was amazing! Plus, I was wearing almost identical heels when I first spotted it. Oh the irony!!! It doesn’t take much to get me excited (clearly) and boy was I excited! I tracked down Danny in the Paper Aisle to share in my merriment.
He did not.  “Don’t you get it?” I asked. “It’s a tape dispenser, disguised as a heel!!!”  BAHAHAHA, I cracked up all over again.
Determined to get him on board with the purchase, I decided to step up my sales pitch;
“It’s actually really good value. It looks just like a Louboutin….and those are like 8 hundo….and this appears to be just $10. So it’s actually a really good investment…”
“ It’s refillable! Did you know its refillable? So like, when I run out of tape, I can just put in another roll!”
“The package says this tape dispenser will ‘step up my style and personalize my space’.  And, I’ve wanted to do both those things for a while now.”
And then I got really desperate…..
It’s actually for my blog. I’m doing a post on tape dispensers and I really need this for research.”
So, here it is ya’ll….My post about tape dispensers. Hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Needless to say, I've been taping ALOT of stuff today.
A self done photo shoot with my tape dispenser...

Real Louboutins......almost identical, no?

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  1. That’s one cool tape dispenser. And it’s a definite proof that a tape dispenser can be fashionable as well. Haha! It’s a good thing that your husband finally agreed to buy this. It’s really a good investment, especially if you tend to use it quite often. Though it cracked me up when you said that it was for research. Hey, whatever works! Have a good day!

    Thelma Bowman @ Quality Strapping


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