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It's Crawfish Season Ya'll

Crawfish. It’s a thing here. It’s commonly brought up when discussing my new residency in Houston.  “Oh, you just moved here!? Have you been out for crawfish yet?” I smile and nod and pretend Iike I have intention to do so. Danny says crawfish season is May through July - something about all the months without an “R”?  These are the months that crawfish are the largest and therefore most succulent. Know what months I want to eat crawfish? All the months with a “F”…..As in, F that!

My skepticism was validated Sunday night when we went out to eat at an oceanside restaurant in Kemah, Texas.  A huge plate of crawfish was placed in the center of the table that I shared with Danny, my brother, and his girlfriend. My brother tore into a crawfish and watched a thick, brown liquid run down his hand as a result.  Danny insisted this was just “crawfish juice” colored brown from lots of "Old Bay" seasoning. I didn’t have time to argue with him as I was too busy profusely vomiting.


And if you’re still hungry, let me tell you about this next part. The part where you “suck the head”. It’s as dirty as it sounds.  Danny demonstrated to us Yankees how to suck the meat and juice out of the crustacean's head.  And that, folks, is where this post ends....Because with a subject of "sucking the head" we're heading nowhere good. Nowhere good fast.  And if you can't already tell, this is a wholesome blog. I'm nothing if not wholesome.

My husband, a crawfish aficionado and head sucker.

Are any of y'all crawfish fans? Convince me!

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