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The Mecom Fountain


In Houston’s Museum District, across the street from my house, sits a very pretty fountain. It’s called “The Mecom Fountain” and it’s a popular setting for Houstonites celebrating special occasions via photography; weddings, engagements, and mostly, quinceañeras.
Every weekend this fountain is bursting with 15 year old Latina girls donning their quinceañera best with a photographer in tow. While I’ve never attended a quinceañera, I feel I’ve gotten a good grasp on its key components from my tireless observing.  These components being;
1. Colorful, colorful dresses. (These girls aren’t afraid to rock neon and I respect them for it.)
2. Bridesmaids. (Though according to quinceañ they’re called “The Damas”. )
3. Stretch Hummer Limos. (These girls have it good hey? For my 15th birthday I had some friends over and we ordered Pizza Hut. Stuffed Crust….but still!)
After witnessing all these celebrations for months now, I’ve naturally developed the desire for two things.  One, my picture to be taken in front of the fountain. And two, a quinceañera.
Despite weeks of bargaining, my husband agreed to just one of my requests.  And as you might guess from the following pictures, it wasn’t the quinceañera. He didn’t, however, object to cake when we got home. Nor my Ipod playlist comprised exclusively of Enrique Inglesias and Shakira….So as far as I’m concerned, I had my cake and ate it too.

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