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This Saturday morning started off as any other. I had made a pot of coffee and was watching a Hills marathon on MTV when the doorbell rang.  I peeked out the window to see an African American couple holding something green. My first instinct was that these people were selling Girl Scout Cookies which I thought was fantastic!
I grabbed my wallet and was about to open the door when Danny, who I thought was still sleeping, interjected from the bedroom.
“Who is it?” Danny asked.
“I don’t know.” I replied “I think its people selling Girl Scout Cookies.”
Danny, taking a look outside himself, had another idea. “It’s religious people.” he confirmed.
“Really?!”  I said, both surprised and interested, never having had religious people at my door. “Should I answer it?”
“Nah.” Danny decided as he headed back to bed.
Because our windows were wide open, this couple heard our final verdict to not greet them, and consequently moved on to the next house.
They did leave, however, a very nice pamphlet at our door prior to doing so.  And I must say, The Jehovah Witnesses don’t sound so bad. In fact, I like their physical depiction of Jesus. He dons a very short hair cut and beard, looking as though he’s just left an Aveda Salon.  (WWJD?? Use pomade!)
I also appreciated the “special invitation” extended via their literature, to join them at their church this Sunday to commemorate Jesus’s death. Being new in Houston, I’m not getting “invitations” to do much so it’s hard to turn one down, no matter the context.
 So maybe I’ll go Sunday - I have nothing else going on. And you never know; perhaps Jehovah Witnesses commemorate Jesus’s death with Thin Mints?

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