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Hooping it Up

My mom has a gigantic, 5 foot, weighted hula hoop that she uses to workout. She claims that if she does this 20 minutes everyday, she’ll lose 2 inches off her waist within a month.  I was instantly sold!! But as I told my mom, I planned to take it one step farther. Instead of hula hooping 20 minutes everyday, I would hula hoop “just all day Thursday” and see where that got me.
My plan started off beautifully. 20 minutes in I still rockin. 40 minutes I was pretty sure I was already seeing hints of a six pack. An hour in I was hot, tired, and hungry which is precisely why I quit. If my mom was telling this story, she’d tell you that I yelled out “FUCK THIS” in frustration and threw the hoop down dramatically. (She's lying.)
I then spent the rest of my morning trying to teach my dog how to jump through the hoop. So I don’t have a six pack but I do have a circus dog – which I find equally fantastic!
Happy Friday ya’ll!


  1. That sounds EXHAUSTING. This is why I just stick with anorexia.

  2. Just found your blog (through the Bloggess, one of the finest Texans around)! Welcome to Texas, Megan. Just one thing that'll make your time here even better: it's spelled "y'all" . . . a contraction of "you" and "all." :) We're glad to have ya!

  3. My mother has that exact same thing laying around and she got it from her hair dresser. I tried it and it feels like it's bruising your insides. But if that's the only way to six pack abs, so be it.


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