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The Houston Po-Po

I try to be a law abiding citizen whenever possible. My criminal record reflects this as my only offense was a speeding ticket when I was sixteen.  
  • I’ve never done arson? Been an arsonist? I’ve never lit stuff on fire.
  • I don’t do drugs…Though sometimes I sell them. But do them? No way. I can’t be getting high on my own supply.
  • I don’t drink and drive though passengers in my car have suggested I start.  My normal, everyday, sober driving is abysmal. The thought is that alcohol would help more so than hurt.
  • I don't gamble unless you count the underground American Idol Pool which I’ve been running for years…which I don’t.
  • The only thing I ever stole was my husband's heart...and then later his virginity.
  • I’ve never been convicted of loitering.  Though based on the definition, "spending an excessive amount of time in a particular location without being able to justify one’s presence when questioned by authorities.” I'm a weekly offender at both Target and Walgreens. I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking for, but I know it’s just a matter of time before I find it.
The point? The point is if I ever do decide to become a hustler - I know precisely where I’ll do it. Downtown Houston at the corner of Travis and Walker, as I've documented below. This is precisely where I spotted the Houston Po-Po today, and I gotta say, I like my odds. I mean, a cop on a horse? Come on!
The Houston Po-Po

As captured by my camera phone

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