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My Ghetto Ride

While I’m staying at my parents' house this week, I’m using their spare car. While beggars can’t be choosers, this car is extremely ghetto.  (Beggars can write mocking posts on their blog though).
On a drive down to Chicago yesterday, I mentally compiled a list of why this car is so ghetto, which I’d like to share with you now;
Reasons why my car is ghetto
1. No air conditioning.
It was a sweltering ride to Chicago. In order to talk on my cell phone I had to roll up all the windows so I could hear the caller. The good news is all my phone calls were short as I’d pick up the phone and say “I have to call you back when I’m less hot” and then hang up.

2. No radio
I couldn’t get the radio going and the only CD in the car was Brian McKnight. (Classy Ghetto.)  I therefore listened to my Ipod the entire way down via earphones.

I listened to this song at least six times during my trip! Ha!!! Do ya’ll remember this song? It brings me back to sophmore year of high school when I thought I was bad ass because I had a pager.

4. Speed Bumps
Whenever you go over a speed bump in my car, this happens.
Tough Break

At the end of the day, however, I love this car. It’s good for my street credit which I’m always actively working on.


  1. At least those windows are tinted. Well maybe not the drivers side cuz someone rolled it down to pay for parking while they were drying/sticking/adhesing/setting or whatever windows tints do.


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