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My Flowy Shirt Style

A lot of random Chicagoans have seen my boobs in the last two days.  I’ve been wearing a lot of silky, flashy colored, flowy, button up shirts.  Apparently when I wear such a shirt, unbeknownst to me, my cross body purse tugs at the buttons, unfastening them.
I’ll catch people looking at me, but assume it’s because they're fans of my new flowy shirt style!!!  Or my new haircut! (Which is not “the exact same” as my last, despite what certain haters husbands say.) Or perhaps I’m being mistaken for a Hollywood fashionista, say, oh I don’t know, Rachel Bilson!!!!  And just when I couldn’t be any more excited about my new style, I look down and see my bra in its entirety…..
It sucks when you go from being “flashy” to a “flasher” in a matter of seconds. It sucks a lot.

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