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So You Think You Can Dance...

Last night I tagged along with my mom to her weekly dance class.  Though her class has been meeting for weeks, I did my best to keep up.  Fortunately, what I lacked in technique, I made up for in attitude. I  had a natural instinct for a handful of the moves we performed, such as the “shimmy” and “freestyle”. Freestyle is where you can do whatever move you want. I used this opportunity to do more shimmying and then I cranked that Solulja Boy.
The second half of the class we did ballet which was fantastic as I’ve been meaning to do more ballet ever since seeing Black Swan.  It was hard to decide what type of ballet dancer I wanted to be. Do I go all Natalie Portman, White Swan? Or do I showcase my inner Mila Kunis, Black Swan Swagger? I went with the latter and think it was noticed as the teacher told me my moves were “unprecedented” and “sensual”. (Which was totally what I was going for.)
To conclude, I’m really on the up and up when it comes to dance. Today it’s just my Mom’s dance class. But soon I'll be ready for something with a larger audience, like Broadway.

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