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Sex In the City Closet

My mom has a total Sex In The City closet. Sometimes I just lay in there and pretend I’m Carrie Bradshaw. I dream about Carrie and I's fave things like Chanel, Champagne, Couture, and Paris!!! Just when it's getting really good, my mom will spot me in her closet, see me laying on her bench, and say “Jesus Megan! Get up! This is getting really bizarre!” 

“Who’s Megan?” I wonder. I’m Carrie Bradshaw.


  1. Why are there no clothes and shoes strewn about? That doesn't even look like a closet, it looks like the room before you get to the restroom in a fancy hotel.

  2. That closet would be awesome.

  3. wow, what does the rest of that house look like? Amazing closet.

  4. Can I see a picture of the laundry room? The closet is awesome, but i bet the laundry room is going to make me rub chocolate and grass on my white pants.


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