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Drive Thru Trivia

Dunkin Donuts has the best promotion going on! On your coffee cup is a scratch off sticker with trivia. If you get your trivia right, you get a free donut!! It’s fantastic! Now, normally I’m terrible at trivia. Really bad. (Unless it’s about US Weekly, American Idol, or FRIENDS, in which case I’m amazing!) But do you know who is really great at trivia???? Fucking Google!!
What Major League Baseball Team won the 1977 World Series?
A . The New York Mets 
B. The Cleveland Indians
C. The Milwaukee Brewers
D. The Texas Rangers

No idea. Also, who cares? But I googled that shit right on up! I couldn’t have been any more excited yesterday morning while cruising through the drive thru to claim my prize.
Drive Thru Voice: May we take your order?
Me: Yeah! I’d like an Extra large coffee with skim milk. And then (laughing giddily with excitement) I have a sticker for a free donut!!
Drive Thru Voice: Alright Ma’m. Pull ahead.
I pulled up and my Chocolate Long John was there to greet me.  “Thanks!” I said as I took the donut and placed it on the passenger seat . I was gloating as I took my first bite. I reached for my coffee only to grab a whole bunch of air. I slowly replayed the drive thru exchange in my head and wait…...wait…....yep, sure enough. I drove off right after paying and precisely before receiving my coffee. DAMNIT!!!!
My donut was fricking good though.


  1. I happily discovered your blog via The Bloggess, and I'm sad to report that I have just now finished reading every single one of your posts. Sad, because it's over, but frickin' ecstatic that I found it. So funny, so like me, and I'm sad that you don't have an H&M there. That would be make me *profoundly* miserable. I probably spend half my life there. And then the other half returning things. I'm an impulse buyer, also, I think I have a different body than the one I actually have. ("These pants that were made for someone with 36" legs won't fit my 5'2" body? POPPYCOCK!")

    Anyways. If I were in Texas, I would totally want to be friends with you. But, alas, I am in Cambridge, MA. But, I will following your blog every, single day. Obsessive? Creepy? Both? Whatever.

  2. Also, I type entirely too fast, and neglect to proofread, so there's a few missing words in my previous comment. Proofreading is for nerds.

  3. I have done that before. I've also driven off without my change and/or credit card. A sad state of affairs, that is.

  4. Who are they kidding with this trivia nonsense? They should clearly just give away the donuts. Unless there are those super competitive people who insist they know the answer instead of using google like actual smart people.

  5. Amelia - Next time I'm in Cambridge, we'll hit up the H&M. Cool?

  6. Don't forget Forever 21. I'm all about quality.


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