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Sexing it Up

It's been a tough week for sex.

First and foremost, we have the Kindergarten Cop. America is shocked that his mistress was living under the same roof as wife. Personally, I am more surprised that Arnold found multiple woman to sleep with him! He's bizzare, no? If the bodybuilding doesn't creep you out, you have the voice to contend with. I was always under the impression that his voice was a joke. It is, right? I like my men less juiced. And funny. And obviously the most important quality - rich.

And then we got this guy - Dominque Strauss Kahn. Now, I don't pretend to know anything about this guy, the details of his case, or the French Political system (Really any political systems.) The fact that I googled "French President Rape Guy" to get his picture is telling about my knowledge surrounding the situation. But what I do know is that it sucks to be this guy.

And finally, we have Ms. January Jones, a.k.a. Betty Draper. January is knocked up and the baby daddy is still TBA. Rumor on the street is that he's a married dude. Drama! I'm hoping it turns out to be Arnold and this whole thing goes full circle.

Have a good weekend everybody. And remember, "No" does not mean "Yes". Also, use a condom.

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