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Alas! I’m back home in Houston after spending 3 weeks in Milwaukee!! All I wanted to do upon getting off the plane was get in the car, see my dog, and have a home cooked meal.  Anything that got in the way of those three things, I was going to deem annoying.
I exited the airport and was waiting for Danny to scoop me when a big, black Tahoe with tinted windows kept honking its horn at me. I looked around to make sure it was, indeed, honking at me but nobody else to recognize this asshole either. After my dirty looks proved to be failing, I finally gave this guy the finger.  That only stepped up his game! Still honking, he pulled up, closer to me.  Needing to retaliate, I mouthed the words “F- OFF” to the black Tahoe making sure to enunciate each and every syllable.
Imagine my surprise, when the black Tahoe rolled down its window to reveal my husband’s face! Suddenly all those conversations of him trading in the white Tahoe for a black one in my absence came rushing back to me.
I jumped in the car and smiled cautiously at Danny. "Well" I said, “Did you miss me?”


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