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Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was Danny and my anniversary. Three years of marital bliss! As Danny told me yesterday, we've been through good times, bad times, and strange times. He was referring to the brief stage I went through of wanting to be a rapper. Which, for the record, was a long time ago.

As an anniversary present, Danny got me tickets to Chelsea Handler!!! I, on the other hand, went with a gift less overtly awesome.

My first present was a hug. A very, very meaningful one. I then presented him with an Edible Fruit Boutique that my parents had sent for us earlier in the day. I did the ‘ole switch the card trick – works like a charm every time.  And then there was my last and final gift. An original rap. Entitled "Happy 3rd Anniversary Danny." I don't want to brag but it was pretty good. And super fly.


  1. LOL. Would love to hear what the rap was like. Very intrigued.

  2. He's totally grabbing your boob.


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