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Check it Out!

I just got an email from my mother saying I’m no longer allowed to write her checks. If I owe her money, the only form of payment she’ll accept from me is hard, cold cash. According to her I “abused my check writing privileges” and she doesn’t find my “obscenities on the memo line funny.”
Really?!  Come on – they’re hysterical!  A $40 check made out to my mom with a memo reading “blo job”? That’s not funny? Tough crowd! I can’t be the only one who thinks that. And I know for a fact that my brother agrees with me. I know this because last week I saw a $480 check on my mom’s desk. It was from him, to my mom, and the memo line read “marijuana”. So either my brother shares my sense of humor or my mom is a drug dealer. You be the judge.
I was always under the assumption that the inventor of checks did this on purpose. He wanted to make banking fun – and what better way than a memo line on a check? It’s an excellent platform for humor. (Though I can’t even guess who the inventor of checks would be. Is it Benjamin Franklin? Or that guy from It’s a Wonderful Life?)
So no more checks to my mom. Oh well. There is always Comcast. And the electric company. And the water bill people. Surely they’ll appreciate my checks with “thanks for last night!” written on the memo line.


  1. Hilarious!!! I've done similar things on my memo line in the past, but rarely write checks out anymore. Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  2. You can be far more vicious than that. In October of 2001, my roommate wrote me a check for his half of the rent with the subject line of "Al Queda membership dues." I should mention that at the time I was filling out application forms for a summer internship at the NSA. Also, if you use the "fun subject line" game with Paypal, it turns out they don't think it's funny. I used to pay a roommate of mine my portion of the rent this way, and for some reason they didn't like that he was receiving regular monthly payments for anal beads, hot stone massage with release, or vigorous oral sex. Turns out you can't sell porn or sex services using paypal. Who knew?

  3. Al Queda Membership Dues - I'm stealing that.

  4. omg! new follower here. Welcome to Tejas and your posts friggin' crack me up! I definitely relate to most of your blog posts. this one hit home with me for sure! ha ha just not with my mom, with my GRANDMA!...your mom says no more checks with her, that doesn't leave out grandma! just sayin' lol happy check writing!



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