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Sunday Fun Day

Happy Belated Memorial Day. I trust that your weekend was delightful, as was mine. 
On Sunday Danny dragged took me to church which is something I usually don’t get to do as I always have cramps on Sunday mornings. Or I’m sick. Or my dog ate my homework. Anything really! It’s not that I don’t believe in God. It’s more that I attended an abundance of Catholic Mass growing up.  So much so, that I like to think that I have “credit” with J.C. when it comes to church.
Anyway, I was getting a decent vibe from the church Danny had chosen. It was close to home…Everyone was going out of their way to say hello to us…..And then I saw it - a sign!! A sign that this was supposed to be our new church!!  A sign from God Beyonce!!  As I was skimming the church bulletin I read “All are invited to the Knowles Hall for refreshments and fellowship immediately after worship.”
Knowles Hall. As in Beyonce Knowles.  Now Houston has its fair share of buildings with “Knowles” on it.  Ms. Beyonce is from Houston and her philanthropy efforts throughout the city are prolific. She built tons of transitional housing for Hurricane Katrina/New Orleans evacuees among many other things. But this church!? I didn’t see that coming.
Now I can’t wait for next Sunday!! I guess I'm what you would call, super religious.

Beyonce at The Houston Food Bank
B and J

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