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Facebook and Hangovers

Today my post is about Facebook and Hangovers.

I assume you're wondering what Facebook and Hangovers have to do with one another? Lucky for you, I'm going to tell you.

I'm hungover. Also, I started a Facebook page. This respective Facebook page expunged every ounce of energy I have and therefore this is my post for the day. (Yes, I'm still hungover from this weekend in NYC. Yes, I realize it's Tuesday. Yes, you ask too many questions.)

I'm now going to spend the rest of the day on the couch, watching infomercials, pledging to never drink again.

See? Facebook and Hangovers. It's like the new peanut butter and jelly....or in this case, the new Red bull and Vodka.

New York City Girls - It's all fun and games until somebody gets hungover

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  1. Hello, Megan! I stumbled across your blog via The Bloggess and just wanted to say that your posts on IMing your husband during his presentation and your reflections on P90X are just hysterical. My husband's name is Danny too, so when I shared a link to your IM post people thought it was me who wrote it. LOL. Don't worry, I set the record straight. I'm a native Texan (grew up in Fort Worth, spent 4 years in Waco going to Baylor, 5 years in Austin working, and now live in north Dallas) so if you ever have Texas-y questions, feel free to ping an "expert." Ha ha. Keep up the good work!


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