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Danny's To Do List

While I spent the weekend gallivanting in NYC, Danny stayed in Houston holding down the fort.  Because he had no plans for the weekend, he told me I could make him a list of things to do around the house. I was so shocked and so excited, I immediately started jotting down everything I think of before he changed his mind….That list is as follows;
1.       Train the dog to stop barking…..and attacking people at the door…and maybe some fun, new tricks! Surprise me!
2.       Make some Chocolate Chips cookies!! But not until right before I get home so they’re still warm.
3.       Fix the water pressure in the shower so that its way more intense…. So it’s like a deep tissue shower.
4.       Paint my office light pink.
5.       Ask our Vietnamese neighbors if they’ll let me babysit their baby because he’s so fricking cute! (In which case, you’ll obviously need to learn Vietnamese.)
6.       Learn Vietnamese.
7.       Bring back that one plant I killed back to life.
8.       Make the Internet connection much faster.

Imagine my disappointment when I came Sunday night and not 1 item on the list had been done.
When I asked Danny about it he told me the list was “ridiculous” and made by a “ridiculous person”. Which I obviously found very rude.  He did, however, buy some Chocolate Chip cookies so I was pumped about that.

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