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NYC Baby!!!

Remember when I said I was going to New York? That's today!!! As you read this, I'm likely en route, listening to cheesy Southwest songs and stupid people clapping upon our landing.. But its all good because I'm going to NYC! (And because I have a plethora of free drink coupons! Now I'm clapping.)

The nature of my trip is strictly "pleasure", as I'm meeting three of my high school friends there to gallivant! (Unless gallivanting qualifies as "business". Which it might, especially since we're staying in the Financial District.)

Our intineary is rather liquid, the only plans being The Met's McQueen Exhibit and to "not get so drunk that we black out." Which is a direct quote from my friend, Stacie's, email. (Obviously the lame one in the group.)

It's the weekend y'all. Get pumped!


  1. I can't believe you have the freaking heart NY t-shirt. Actually I can believe it, which is sad.


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