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Instant Messaging 101

My husband Danny, a distinguished businessman, often gives presentations to people. When he gives these presentations, he uses his laptop to aid him in his rhetoric. Quite often, his computer screen is projected onto a larger screen, enabling the entire room to follow along. It's all very, very serious and very, very important. (And boring. I just fell asleep typing all that.)

Know what perks things up??? When his wife, mid presentation, instant messages him and says;

megansilianoff: hey baby! are you there?
megansilianoff: i just saw our neighbor, the one that looks like a rapist, at the mailboxes.
megansilianoff: he's so creepy. are you there??

megansilianoff: speaking of rape....what time are you getting home tonight?!

And that friends, concludes Instant Messaging 101. Always sign off Instant Messager prior to having a room full of people stare at your computer.

Come back next week when I'll teach the basics of sexting. (Unless you are my neighbor, in which case, I'm sure you're all good buddy.)


  1. I think if I had been in that meeting, that would have made my day!!

  2. SO I just found this blog through another blog and THIS post made me CRACK up so much that I had to call my sister to tell her about it.


  3. That's all kinds of awesome.

  4. Just curious - are you and The Bloggess like, related or spirit sisters or something? Because this sounds like something she would do.


  5. BEST. POST. EVAR. That just happened to one of my Account Managers who forgot to turn off his google chat and I talked about how awful his face was and how he should probably choke on a peanut and die. It was EPIC.


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