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A Public Apology

Dear Direct TV Guy,
I’m sorry that my dog, Booker, terrified you yesterday.

I realize now that I should have been the one to greet you at the door. As opposed to opening it and letting him “sic you” as you put it. I assumed he’d just run around in the driveway, but as we both know, he opted to tackle you instead.
I acknowledge that offering you “something to drink” after what you perceived to be a near death experience does not make up for what happened.
I pledge to train Booker in hopes of preventing this from reoccurring. Looking back, I should have spent more time doing this, and less time "dressing him like a woman from Saudi Arabia" as I showed you yesterday, precisely before you told me you and your wife were from Saudi.  

Again. My Sincerest Apologies.



  1. Pushaw! Tell that Direct TV guy to get a life! Booker is cute! I like his costume! Did you really show the guy how you dressed up Booker? Thats spiffy! Next time the cable guy is at my house I'll sic my cat on him and make sure I show how cute she looks in her fairy princess costume! Maybe he will tell me he is a fairy princess!

  2. I wasn't getting "Muslim" from that look. More Grace Kelly driving around in a convertible.


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