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What I Learned Today

What I learned today is that if you see a toddler, alone, in Barnes and Noble you should not automatically assume they have been abandoned. Furthermore, you should not pick up the respective child and begin carrying them to Customer Services. Should you do this, not only will you be accused of kidnapping, but a mother will soon notice her missing child and scream “STOP!! KIDNAPPER!! STOP!!”  as you and her child ride down the escalator. This is highly embarrassing and in my experience, it provokes the toddler to cry.
What I learned today, (with the help of Barnes and Noble Security) is that if you see a toddler, alone, in Barnes and Noble, you should survey the scene to check for a nearby parent.  You should survey the scene for more than “like a second” which is the amount of time I testified to looking. Barnes and Noble’s official recommendation is to wait with the child until the parent surfaces,  as they apparently “always do”. According to Barnes and Noble personnel, “No child, in the history of the 15 years we’ve been in this River Oaks location, has been abandoned.”  As I told them, I did not know that.
That is what I learned today.


  1. This sounds hilarious! I think it should be a public service announcement.

  2. Uh, Megan - if you were, per chance, at the B&N on the corner of Shepherd and West Gray, that store has NOT been in that location for anywhere close to 15 years. More like 15 MONTHS.

    Which means that they told you an untruth. So, maybe they untruthed about other things too? Like, maybe, how many children have been abandoned at their location? Because, how would they KNOW!?



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