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Feathers people. Learn about them.

Danny and I spent the weekend in Austin. I like that little city – South Congress, University of Texas, Anthropologie – it has several solid little areas.
Danny and I were in town for the Chelsea Handler show. It seemed the rest of the population, however, was there for Freshman Orientation at UT. The city was swarming with parents and nervous looking teens.
The fun part about it being Freshman Orientation was everyone thought I was a freshman!!! The not fun part was everyone thought Danny was my dad.
The most awkward encounter went down in a vintage store. An outgoing mom started chatting me up about the feather in my hair. (Did I mention I have a feather in my hair?) This mom told me that she adored my feather and that her daughter, who was standing right next to her, wanted a feather too!

Danny soon entered the scene much to this lady’s delight.  “Oh!” she exclaimed excitedly, “And what does Dad think about your feather?”  

Not fun.

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