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Kings of Leon

Danny is dragging me to the Kings of Leon concert this weekend. It’ll be fun  - I’m just not a huge Kings of Leon fan. I much prefer rap concerts.
But it's cool – I’ll entertain myself much like I did at the last Kings of Leon concert we went to in Chicago. It was actually quite easy. We sat near a couple of teenagers that had a hard core make out session going on. They were dry humping and everything. 
So instead of watching the Kings of Leon, I concentrated on getting my photo taken with the couple. As you'll see below, I was successful in this venture.
Me and the couple.

Me and the couple again.

My cousin, Jess, got her picture taken too.
Thumbs up is right Jess! Great photo!

The concert ended in the most perfect way possible too. That ending being in a White Castle parking lot - the ideal way to conclude any concert experience! Or any experience in general.

Thumbs up is right Jess! Order me a Chicken 'n Cheese.

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. No White Castle in Houston, guess you'll have to end up at TC's and get a marg!

  2. Love it! I have stumbled into your blog from the Bloggess and have to say, you crack me up! Especially since I have family in Texas so I love your observations of the state! :0)

    Two years ago, six of us (myself, my brothers and our spouses) ended up at a Whataburger driver thru in a cab at 3am This followed a crazy night at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth. I think that was my best memory of the night!

  3. I actually prefer Taco Cabana to White Castle so we're all good on that front!

  4. Whataburger is a great option too. The only thing I'm hesitant about would be "Jack in the Box." That and Long John Silvers.

  5. Jess has an incredibly flexible thumb. That baby can bend!


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