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Issues with Itunes

You know on Itunes when you download music, it suggests other music you might like based on your purchase? It’s a great idea. Way to go Steve Jobs or whoever thought of that!! Though naming the feature “Genius” was a little cocky…but you were probably just caught up in the moment. Who can blame you?
Anyway, I just broke this great feature on my Itunes. I’m sad. I think it’s because I downloaded a lot of music within a short amount of time. This respective music that I downloaded is as follows;

-“Watch the Throne” by Jay Z and Kayne West
(They'll be in Houston October 26th people! Shout out to Jay - I love you boo!)

-“Itunes Live from Soho” by The Counting Crows
And then…..and this is where I really think we encountered a problem.

-“Who Says” by Selena Gomez.  (Click that link baby!)

After downloading such an eclectic and heterogeneous mix of musical numbers, I was eager to check out my Genuis recs. This is what it said.

Hey Megan! Based on your recent purchases, you also might like these recommendations:
Go Fuck Yourself


  1. Maybe you just outsmarted Genius and it needs some time to think....then again, I too have had the same response when downloading Foster the People, Lady Gaga, followed by kids music for learning multiplication. Fuckers.

    Fresh Out of Gold Stars

  2. So, from what I understand, this is fairly common. Genius builds playlists and recommendations based on both local and global information. It bases the global information on the local info. Which means that yes it does get confused after some new purchases. My MAC based friends tell me just play the song 40+ times and your problem will go away.

    I laughed when I heard that but there it is.

  3. Eric, you seem to know a lot more about computers than I do. I'm going to have you be my blog IT person. It pays nothing but the position looks great on a resume. What do you think?

  4. Well, when you pitch it that way, who can refuse!


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