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Do you know what a "coverlet" is?

My bed

My Mom is in town!!! Yay! My interior design loving, professional home staging mother. Most people would bring their mothers to Houston's touristy sights, though I'm not sure what those are. Taco Cabana, maybe.

I brought my mom to Houston's finest Home Decor stores and let her do her thing. She was pretty into it.

 It was at one of these stores that she told me she was looking for a for a "coverlet" for a bed. 

"Coverlets just add a another dimension to your bedding." she said.

"Huh. Have you tried just throwing clothes at the end of your bed? That's what I do. Tons of dimension. Texture too." I suggested.

She rolled her eyes. "I wonder if they have any here by Vera Wang."

"I think my bedding is by Vera Wang." I said.

"Your bedding is Vera Wang??" she asked, excited by our newfound common interest in bedding.

"Wang. Yeah. Oh - but not Vera. It's by Small. Small Wang." 

And then we split up to do the rest of our shopping as she suggested.

Lesson for the day. Get a coverlet for your bed - they add dimension. Also, Wang jokes are still funny - don't let anyone tell you different.


 I came across this today when googling "coverlet".
Isn't it fantastic?  I'm buying it.


  1. LMAO! reminds me of my mom! and i hear the whole lion king thing is in again! i saw a couple months back a GIANT...and when im talking about giant i mean HUGE! it was almost to the ceiling...GIRAFFE! it was at this consignment store in H-town off Dunlavy called "the guild" you should definitely check it....too bad it was $1000+ or i would own it...and call it Jeffrey (like the toys r' us mascot) a girl can dream right?!

  2. That is totally awesome! You need to buy it!

  3. Your mom is right that really does add dimension to the bed! And I bet it scares off potential cat burglars.

    Great blog!

    Rachel B

  4. My great aunt has that same lion king thing going on in her guest room. There's even a sunken jacuzzi tub. It's very Shagadelic. Her decor is circa 1970, totally vintage. There is also an animal skin on the floor if you're looking for another way to jazz up your jungle boudoir. FYI, as a native Houstonian, we don't have tourist attractions. And if something claims to be, I recommend NOT visiting as it's usually a major disappointment (ahem... Galveston). Next time your mom is in town, take her to High Fashion in midtown. Just fun & funky enough for you, but lots of interior design & fabrics for her. I also recommend Lupe Tortilla over Taco Cabana. The T.C. is where we would go back in college after the bars closed. :)


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