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Big Rich Texas

Big Rich Texas is on the Style Network -  
a huge insult to Bill and Guliana Rancic.

Move over Real Housewives! Alas - Texas is getting some representation up in the Housewives reality TV circuit. We’ve got some rich hoes too, don’t you know?
The show takes places in Dallas which is sad because I wish it took place in Houston where I live.  Also sad, one of the housewives’ daughters has the word “c*nt”  largely tattooed on her foot.  If that doesn't make you proud to be a Texan, I don't know what will.
Admittedly, there was one educational part of the show. I learned that here in Texas, if you have nothing nice to say about someone, you can simply say, “bless their little heart” which is code for “F them!” which is a neat little trick.
Big Rich Texas - I'm not really a fan. Not because it's a terrible, but because I wasn't asked to be on it. Bless those producer’s little hearts.


  1. Oh, it's terrible. And those women aren't really Dallasites either (I am). That so-called country club is in Ft. Worth, and it's been bankrupt and re-bought. Not exactly a storied kind of institution. Bless their hearts for sure.

  2. Bless his/her heart... a phrase I use, probably, 20 times a day :)

  3. Wow that is quite the motley crew in that photo. They're all their own separate flavor of train wreck... I just looked up a few clips and wow they are also really terrible actresses. Yikes.

    "Bless your heart" means exactly what you said it means, my MIL (in East TX) uses it all the time. LOL

  4. You know, I really question the use of the longhorn in the picture. Some folks might get the wrong idea.

  5. Super... another reason for the rest of the nation to think we all wear 10 gallon hats or sport big aqua net supported hairdo's, wear too much makeup, own horses, &/ or are trailer park trash... or oil rich & yet still dumb as a box of rocks. Also saw a new show coming on A&E called Hog Hunters... this too takes place in TX. Maybe we should come up with our own Houston Housewives. You can check out my blog at


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