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Breaking News in Houston

I tend not to watch the news.  I'll watch The Today Show to get a sense of what the nation's top stories are. And I'll watch 60 Minutes if someone good is on. (And to see that hottie, Andy Rooney.) But the local news? Not a huge fan.

Yesterday, however, the 6' o clock news somehow found itself onto my TV. I was busy, doing the dishes, and I kept it on as background noise. And then this story came on.

Yep. That's right. Cross-Dresser Charged. HA! WTF!

And that's when I decided to start watching the news more often. Start watching the news and to start wearing blue eye shadow again. Those are normal take aways from this story, right?

Here is the official story for those of you that are interested. He was wearing a blue dress at the time of arrest which I found to be the most intriguing detail.

I'd like to conclude today's post by dedicating it to all you cross-dressers out there. Not the perverted ones like this guy - but the law abiding cross-dressers. This ones for you.

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