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Nashville, Tennessee USA

Me in Nashville.
Being a bridesmaid and all, this weekend I had a very important bachelorette party in Nashville.  We got wild which was why I had no interest in chatting up my Southwest seatmate on my return flight home. Dale, however, from Fort Worth Texas didn’t see it that way.
Dale (extending his hand to shake mine):  Hello there, I’m Dale, a lubricant salesman out of Fort Worth Texas.
Me: Ha! Lubricant you say?
Dale: Indeed.
Me: So tell me Dale, how’s the lube business these days?
Dale: It’s quite good.
Me: Bahaha! Really??? Too bad I didn’t meet you on the way to the bachelorette party. I would have bought some from you.
Dale: How do you mean?
Me: You know, bachelorette parties. You give the bride sex toys, penis stuff, edible undies.
Dale: I don’t have anything of the sort young lady.
Me: Sure you do! Lube!!  Bahaha!
And then Dale got kinda quiet for the rest of our flight, which was fine by me.
It wasn't until I told this story to Danny that I learned about industrial lubricant. And that this is probably what Dale sells as opposed to having a briefcase full of KY jelly like I had envisioned. Still though - at the end of the day, the guy sells lube.
Me and the bride. Isn't she cute?

Preparing the holy ceremony of marriage
by playing penis games.


  1. Look at it this way: next time, maybe Dale will think twice before hitting on... striking up a conversation with the person in the next seat!


  2. Or telling them he sells lube right out of the gate.


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