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Next of Kin

I had a doctor appointment yesterday. Overall, it was a poor experience. Mostly because the receptionist and I got off to a rough start. I like to think it was a simple miscommunication and not my fault. I thought she was saying "Mexican" but really she was saying "Next of Kin."

Receptionist: Name Ma'am.

Me: Megan Silianoff. 

Receptionist: Patient Number Ma'am.

Me: 853899.

Receptionist: Is your address still 6889 Camden Road Ma'am?

Me: It is.

Receptionist: And you're next of kin, Ma'am.

Me: No. I'm white.

Receptionist: Pardon.

Me: I'm white. Like Caucasian?

Receptionist: No, I'm saying Next of Kin.

Me: Oh.........what's that?

So like I said. Rough start. And that's when the waiting began. Waiting, waiting, waiting. It was miserable. I waited for an hour and half before they finally called me back to see the doctor. Thankfully, Danny and I are obnoxiously good at entertaining ourselves.

Or just obnoxious. Either one.


  1. Hahahahaha, "Mexican", good story :)

    Hope you are surviving this Texas heat and drought!

    - Janet

  2. hahaha! love the entertainment portion, too!


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