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Italian Vogue

Have you guys read about this? Recently, Italian Vogue was doing a piece on the current trend of oversized, hoop earrings and decided to deem the trend, “Slave Earrings.” Classy Vogue, very classy.
Obviously the magazine got in all sorts of hot water, which I’m sure I’m about to now, because I couldn’t help but think of additional pieces they could add to this offensive trend watch. For example;

Swastika Sweaters
It pairs best with cut offs, tights, and a deep affection for Hitler.

Confederate Cardigans
Hate that asshole Abraham Lincoln? Then this cardigan is an absolute must for fall!

Saddam Scarves
Not only are these super stylish but functional too. They keep your neck warm, even in the most extreme conditions such as snow, hail, and beheadings.

Overall, probably not a  proud moment for the Italians. They still got the whole "inventors of gelato" thing going for them though. And I think we can all agree that was pretty huge.

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