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Soul Surfer

The story of how a teenage surfer girl summons the courage
to go back into the ocean after losing an arm in a shark attack.
Happy Friday guys! What’s on tap for the weekend? Danny and I are staying in tonight. Movie Night. We’ve I’ve already decided we’re gonna watch Soul Surfer. It’s the perfect marital movie compromise. I love surfing and Danny loves sharks. Given the premise, this movie should have a little something for the both of us. Plus, Kevin Bacon is in it, but you already knew that, didn’t you?
I began my surfing career a few years ago in Hawaii. That’s when I officially began it. Unofficially, I’ve always been a surfer. Ever since seeing Blue Crush in college. But because I lived in the Midwest I didn’t have an opportunity to practice my craft. So I concentrated more on the living the surfer life style; shopping at Pacific Sunwear, wearing Billabong and Roxy shirts, smoking grass, describing things as “far out” and telling my friends to “hang ten”- that type of thing. Did I mention I was super cool in college?
That's all I have for you guys today. That and these pics of me as a surfer girl.
Have a good weekend! Hang Ten!!!!!
That's me just catching some surf.


  1. Kevin Sorbo is in it...not Kevin Bacon. :-D I just watched it. I too have a love for surfing and sharks. I wont give away the shark bit. But I didn't like it. :-( Enjoy it though!!! Its a great movie!

  2. If wearing Billabong & Roxy and smoking grass makes you a surfer, we have a lot of (non-practicing) surfers here in north Texas (DFW). Ha. I mean a crapload of them. There was a girl who (in my head) I called Billabong girl, because she wore something Billabong every single day.

    Hope you have fun watching the movie :) I don't know how I would be brave enough to surf after losing an arm to a shark but huzzah! More power to her!

    * Perpetually Me *

  3. I'm not sure how this has never come up in previous conversations we've had - one more thing we have in common (besides stellar television viewing habits) - check out the secretary - she's pretty cool!!


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