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I think Linked In is hilarious. Particularly the feature where you can see who’s been checking out your profile. They don’t just tell you – they make it all covert. Like a spy game. And I appreciate this. It makes it so much more fun.  Take today for example. Today I had 5 people checking out my profile!!
Hey Megan! This is Who's Viewed Your Profile;
An Account Manager at Nestle Purina. I don't know anyone at Nestle Purina but I would like to. I'm a huge fan of their product! Crunch Bars - are you kidding me? Let's be friends whoever you are! Let's get together! You bring the snacks!

A Trainee at Gerdau Aços in Longos, Brasil. I didn’t know what that was. I looked it up. It’s a mining company in Brazil. Random! I don’t know any miners in Brazil. Chile, sure - who doesn't. But Brazil? No idea.

Someone at the Downers Grove Police Department. I actually don’t like that one. That one makes me nervous. 

I can’t help but wonder what Linked In tells people whose profiles I’ve stalked. My current job title on Linked In is "Self Proclaimed Blogging Extraordinaire".  Do you like that? I’ve actually been considering giving myself a promotion. Bumping myself up to "Self Proclaimed Blogging Extraordinaire President". Or "Blogging President of International Operations". Just something real official. Not until I earn it though. I don't want to give myself too much, too soon.
Anyway, I wonder how Linked In mystifies that?
Hey Bob! This is Who's Viewed Your Profile;
A Self Proclaimed Blogging Extraordinaire that lives in Houston, Texas- ah forget it. It's Megan. Megan Silianoff. She was creeping your profile Bob!

Megan Silianoff

Current Position
  • Self Proclaimed Blogging Extraordinaire at Greetings From Texas

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