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Houston's Best Neighborhood Bar

Danny and I came across an amazing bar Saturday night after having dinner in Midtown. We’re pretty excited about the find. It’s super close to our house so I’m designating it our new “neighborhood bar.”
It’s got a real interesting name - Howl at The Moon. I actually think that’s a Native American name.  You know how Native Americans often have names like that? Animals prefaced with some sort of verb. Like “Running Deer.” Or “Little Bull”. “Squatting Dog” is a real popular one.
“Howling Moon” – yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s a Native American Bar. Which is weird because I don’t remember seeing many Native Americans there. Or slot machines. There were, however, numerous bachelorettes. Some douche bag guys. And one chic that was clearly over served as I’ve documented below.
Another great thing about Howl at the Moon? Dueling pianos!  I have no idea how dueling pianos relate to Native American culture but who really cares because dueling pianos are THE BEST! They should be a cornerstone of every culture.
The only bad thing I can say about this bar is that they didn’t play my song request which was “anything by Warren G”. But despite that disappointment – great neighborhood bar!

Howl at the Moon, Houston

                                       And here's that obnoxious over served girl I mentioned...


  1. I went to Howl at the Moon in Chicago this summer. They played my request of Eminem's "Lose Yourself". I know people who have gone to the one in Kansas City and had a blast, too.

  2. They have that bar in Central FL, downtown Disney area. I agree, totally kick butt place to be.

  3. Ooooh I wanna go! Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going next time I'm out that way!

  4. "Anything by Warren G" I think I love you. lol

  5. Mmmmm....sounds like a good bar. But not all Native Americans go to casinos!! I'm one and I've never been! But other then that, it looks spiffy!


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